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Biodegradable coffee bag info

We're proud to be able to state that all of our coffees are now roasted and packed in BIODEGRADABLE air-tight heat-sealed paper bags with degasing valves from our friends at Tek Pak Solutions. A brand-new product on the market, these are, as far as we know, the first biodegradable coffee bag of its kind.

We are firm believers in the necessity of preventing oxidation of coffee, and the only practical way to do that is a sealed bag with a valve that allows gases out, but prevents ambient air from getting in. Until this particular bag, there was no biodegradable bag that could do this. This "omni-degradable" bag can be composted, recycled, or thrown in the trash as it will break down in both aerobic and anaerobic landfill environments.

It's important to note that the tin-ties and one-way valves do NOT yet biodegrade, so we suggest you remove them depending on how you dispose of the bags (you'll need to cut-out or pull them off).